I am the Student

I walk in to the group homes or programs each week as the teacher, but really, I am the student…Yesterday this proved to be true in such a powerful way. I was teaching at an amazing program, the name I will keep anonymous for now for the purpose of the blog, but it has to […]

Getting Inspired

Every week, 6 of us pile up in a car armed with yoga mats, some art supplies, a few ideas for games and a plan to inspire. We share stories about our week, we laugh at the absurdities of life and we get ourselves prepared to go into our assigned group homes to teach yoga. […]

Carlton Manor and my FSU Field Placement

At Carlton Manor my skills have been put to work this past week in the form of community organizing. We had a gathering of the foster parents and children at the office in Palm Harbor. Two police Sheriffs came in for a training on internet safety. This made me really happy because one of my […]

The Journey Begins

I can’t even express my excitement as I embark upon this journey toward combining two areas of which I am so passionate!! Yoga and working with the at-risk/foster care population. When I reflect on how this all started, I realize that this journey really started about 22 years ago when I was propelled by my […]