At Carlton Manor my skills have been put to work this past week in the form of community organizing. We had a gathering of the foster parents and children at the office in Palm Harbor. Two police Sheriffs came in for a training on internet safety. This made me really happy because one of my goals is to create a better relationship between law enforcement and at-risk youth. 

During this gathering we separated two  into two groups. The foster parents sat in the conference room and learned how to recognize the new internet apps for children and the big concerns that come along with them, like online predators. They also shared knowledge on how to utilize apps for child safety, like tracking apps 🙂

The children went into our children’s toy room with the other police officer and a few Carlton Manor staff to learn about internet safety for kids. I did not sit in on this training and wish I had. What I learned from the adult training was that many adults don’t know about social media, which is why I feel like I can be really helpful!

From the Workplace Violence power point I found that there was a high rate at which people were being sued for people who worked in protective services. I also noticed that there is a higher percentage of white population in private practice vs. general practice. 

Every week I go into one of the three group homes for Carlton Manor Foster Care and do art/yoga therapy with foster girls/women. Each week the group ranges from 4 to 12 girls in group size and the age range is 7-17 years old.

When reading about home visit safety I thought about my behavior when going into the group home. I keep my belongings by my side, I have a clear pathway to the exit and I have sight on all the girls at one time.

Weekly therapy is different than home visits because the group is expecting me at the same time every week. There is always 3 or more supervisor staff in the home when I am with the girls. The home reminds me a lot of an extended summer camp; open air living space and community style dining. For the most part all the girls seem happy and safe. I have to remind myself that these young girls and women are in a therapeutic foster care program suffering from trauma. 

One challenge we have faced is in setting ground rules for yoga art therapy. What is considered participating and what is considered being a distraction? Some people believe it is rude to talk, where as I encourage all people to speak their mind – as long as you are speaking words of positivity and kindness.

Any Suggestions? 

One Love,

Cameron Campbell 2018

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