I can’t even express my excitement as I embark upon this journey toward combining two areas of which I am so passionate!! Yoga and working with the at-risk/foster care population. When I reflect on how this all started, I realize that this journey really started about 22 years ago when I was propelled by my imminent voyage toward adulthood forcing me to answer that ever so daunting question… “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” If I’m honest, I had no idea. I had no idea what interested me, and I really didn’t feel passionate about anything. I asked myself (yep, I was talking to myself), “what am I naturally good at?” The answer…working with kids. Almost at the same period of time, as I was waitressing, a customer from a local business college started talking to me about the school and various degrees offered. He mentioned Criminal Justice and that’s all she wrote! I knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to get my degree in Criminal Justice, so I could work with the at-risk population and juvenile offenders. Throughout my career, I have met the most amazing children, young adults, parents, foster parents and other people dedicating their lives to making a difference as foster parents, case managers, therapists, group home managers, direct care staff, judges, attorneys and on and on and on. I thought that I would be inspiring children, changing lives and helping young adults realize their potential. Here I am 22 years later realizing I am the one who was inspired, my life has changed, and these children have made me realize my potential. Who has helped whom?? I guess it’s true that what you put out into the universe, is sure to return to you 10-fold!! That wasn’t the goal, but that is what happened. One major thing that I have learned is that these children; whether they be in foster care, a group home, detention, etc., make no mistake, these are not children to be pitied or even looked down upon…they can be and are so often already WARRIORS making it through a life that has thrown one barrier after another their way. My mission is to arm these children and families with as many tools as possible to ensure they can make their way on their journey with a stronger sense of self, ability to build and depend on community, the power of breath, mindfulness and the importance of mind/body connection.

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